- make of it what you will -


She'd found the perfect outfit, now she just needed her plastic surgeon to fit her into it.


I hate you for what I am when I'm with you: honest.


How does it make me love it so?


The walls of the great chamber were carved with interlocking statues of plant and beast, climbing one on top of the next to the distant ceiling. Woven throughout was a seemingly infinite piping, decorated with golden scales. Only once we'd reached the center of the hall did this massive coil begin to shift, revealing the head of a giant serpent rising over the altar.


I came to savor those feelings of guilt, like time spent with an old friend.


You are my favorite mutation.


He's still missing her; that's what it must be. I mean, it couldn't be the complete lack of purpose in his life, right?


I listened to the sound of beach grass waving in the wind, and dug my toes deeper into the warm sand. The events of yesterday seemed a lifetime ago.