- make of it what you will -


If I cast a bright enough light on my neighbor's hypocrisy, no one will see my own.


He knew death wasn't permanent. When he was a kid, he'd had a goldfish, Jimmy. One day, his parents scooped Jimmy out of the bowl and fried him up right then and there. They all ate Jimmy that night, but the next morning there he was, swimming around his bowl like nothing had happened. Good ol' Jimmy, I wonder what he's up to now?


I did what I knew you would want, even though you won't admit it. When you think you're hating me, you're actually hating yourself.


Who do I think I am, to talk to myself in such a tone?


Old ideas must die to make way for new ones.


Dumb people have rights too, you know!


I seek to live my life the way I'd like my biography to be written.